Grease Container with Coaster tray, Dust proof Lid, Stainless steel mesh strainer for Cooking, Frying oil

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  • Made of iron with a fine mesh strainer and a lid ,it can filter out the residue in the oil and help you make better use of the cooking oil.        
  • The oil container has a non-stick coating inside and outside.
  • The filter mesh is made of stainless steel.
  • The kitchen oil container is also equipped with a non-slip coaster tray to prevent oil from dripping onto the counter. 
  • Specially designed drip-free spout stops leakage or oil dripping down the side of the pot
  • Anti-slip handle grip made of Bakelite material
  • Easy cleaning - Just clean the oil storage container with soft fiber.
  • Capacity: 1.4L
  • Product size: 15.5  x 13 x 17 cm

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